Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

At Truly discover we offer an opportunity to write to all novice writers also that have the caliber to write. However, your content gets reviewed by editors to ensure that only quality content gets posted on our website.

What is crucial in writing content is that it needs to abide by the standard defined guidelines. We expect the writers to indulge in detailed research before coming up with the content. We want our writers to come up with well-structured content with proper headings.

As a result, the content will be readable to the audience. We need to mention an essential aspect here. We strongly condemn plagiarism. We suggest our writers to check their content for plagiarism before sharing it with us.

The good news is that there are different tools available online that can help you check your work for plagiarism. We want to emphasize that authenticity helps to build the credibility of our site. When you will contribute quality guest posts to our site, then you will gain a loyal following. Plus, it will help you gain organic traffic for your site.

The best part is that guest posting is an authentic link-building technique. We will not accept any articles that fall below our defined writing guidelines. However, we do give an opportunity to the writers to make some amendments to their content if there are minor revisions.

You also need to place the anchor text smartly in the guest post. It must appear as a natural link to Google. When you want to guest post on our site, then you can contact us by following the details on our contact page.

When guest posting, keep one thing in mind. We welcome new ideas. Our site does not encourage content that has nothing new to offer. At the same time, it will not offer value to your traffic also. Secondly, we only offer organic advertising solutions.

Transparency is the key slogan of our website, and we want to promote our honest working methodology. We need to emphasize another aspect here. You will get paid as per our payment methods. We have a defined payment schedule to avoid haphazard working.

If you have any queries, you can send them to us. However, you must wait at least 24 hours to hear back from us. Our team does respond. If your article does not get published on our site, then it means it failed to live up to our writing standards.

If you still need further details, you can contact our support team for an explicit review of your article. We expect all the writers, and businesses contacting us to be transparent. The advantage is that it will help to establish a cordial working environment. Plus, pave way for better opportunities for other individuals also who intend to work with us.

We encourage everyone to go through our terms and conditions so that there are no surprises coming your way. For any queries, do not forget to reach out to us.