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Discovering South Devon: 12 Hidden Gems You Must Visit

Discovering South Devon 12 Hidden Gems You Must Visit

As one travels through Devon, one will discover a county entire of hidden gems, where mysterious moorlands unfold beneath a dark sky and rocky beaches tell stories of olden times. A look into a lifestyle subtly changed over generations can be seen in the charming towns on the beautiful slopes.

Devon invites everyone to discover its many marvels, from secret coves to stunning tours, ancient traditions, and delectable cuisine. 

Devon’s Coastal Gems: The Beaten Path

Devon has plenty of popular beaches, but the coast is also a paradise for hidden gems only locals know about. For a peaceful day by the seaside, try one of the lesser-known beaches like Blackpool Sands, where the blue waters are on level with those at other places. Interacting with the locals in fishing towns, such as beer, can also help you find hidden coves. The South West Coast Path is filled with secret sites, each with its own story. For the ultimate experience, take a guided coastal walk where specialists will tell their stories.

Devon’s Cuisine Enjoys: A Sense Of Local Customs

A genuine rainbow of sensations is waiting to be discovered in Devon’s restaurants. Those passionate about food should try fresh, regional products like Totnes Good Food Sunday at local markets. Another option for getting into Devon’s culinary traditions is to take a culinary course, where you may master dishes like traditional Devonshire cream tea and a perfect pasty. You must enjoy the freshest and locally sourced ingredients at farm-to-table restaurants while you support farming practices.

Stover Country Park: Plant & Animal Area

Stover Country Park is between Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot in the beautiful South Devon. The Park is only 3 miles (5 km) from Dartmoor National Park and is close to the dual road A38. Devon County Council takes care of two Country Parks, including Stover, to benefit wildlife, leisure, and people.

Stover Country Park has many beautiful walks through over 100 acres of woods. You can visit the Nature Interpretation Centre to learn more about the plants and animals in the area. The centre also has life streaming from two cams, one that looks out over a lake and the other into a nest box. The tree-top Aerial Walkway offers a one-of-a-kind view of the forest and is easy for wheelchair users and babies to use. 

Exploring Ilfracombe: The Coastline Haven 

Located on the North Devon coast, Ilfracombe is a tribute to the combination of Victorian grandeur and modern artistic expression. This town is a cool hidden gem that welcomes sightseers to view Damien Hirst’s Verity sculpture, explore the old Tunnel Beaches, and relax on the peaceful waterfront. We can see the ocean from this contemporary landmark.

Those who want to really enjoy the attractiveness of Ilfracombe should book a room at one of the nearby hotels. A best peaceful getaway awaits you and your family at the Sandy Cove Hotel, where you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views and discover hidden coves. The location is ideal for beachgoersbeach goers if you are searching for breathtaking beauty in North Devon.

Exciting Times in Devon: Off-Road Routes And Hidden Beaches

There is a variety of adventure sports available in Devon for anyone seeking a thrill. Routes for off-road cycling in Exmoor National Park offer amazing views and are accessible to riders of all abilities. Uncover hidden beaches and coves that are accessible only by water by swimming along the coast. Contact a local adventure company that offers equipment rental and guided tours for a thrilling and risk-free trip.

Crazywell Pool: Adventures Wild Swimming

If you want to do something thrilling, why not go wild swimming? Crazywell Pool gets fresh water from a spring and is full of stories about the area. Through Crazywell Cross, you can get to this beautiful pool. This is considered one of the many paths that old monks took when they joined Buckfast Abbey to Tavistock and Buckland.

Bronze Age Stone Circle: Ancestors Believe

Stone circles from the Bronze Age are mysterious relics of long-ago societies. People are still amazed and curious about what our ancestors believed and how they lived because of these enormous, well-built structures.

We still need to understand what these over 3000-year-old structures were used for fully, but you can find at least 14 of them in Dartmoor. Their diameters range from just under 18 metres to just over 38 metres.

TED Hughes Poetry Trail: Beauty of Nature

Ted Hughes was the most famous and loved poet in the UK. Stover Country Park has a 2-mile poetry path and a children’s trail honouring him. You can enjoy the beauty of nature around you while reading Ted Hughes’ poems on poetry posts along the trail. These poems show how he felt about nature.

Teign Gorge: Largest Woodland

Beautiful wild forests used to grow around Teign Gorge, but they were cut down over hundreds of years for wood. The conifers ultimately ruled the landscape, but gratefully, in recent times, the National Trust and the Woodland Trust have persistently spent time reestablishing the natural make-up of this forest in what is one of the nation’s largest woodland restoration projects. You can see the change for yourself by walking through this lovely river.

Prawle Point: Adrenaline Pumping Walk

This is the one for you if you want to try a walk to get your adrenaline pumping. Test a clifftop climbing and gaze down at the rocky beaches. From the top, you’ll even be able to spot Demetrios’ underwater shipwreck and ancient border rocks.

Local Markets And Stores: Discover unique treasures

If you’re looking for souvenirs, you’ll love exploring Devon’s local markets and boutiques. Totnes and Exeter are great examples of towns with vibrant marketplaces where local artists sell their creations. Discover unique treasures, show your support for local artists, and bring some Devon home at one of these markets.


TOTNES: Explore old Market

This old market town has greatly changed recently, taking on a strange hippy vibe. In this cute little town, you can look around and find vintage shops, a supermarket that doesn’t use plastic, trendy clothing stores for women, and an essential English Heritage site, one of the best-preserved early Norman castles.


Every trip to Devon reveals something new about this country of differences and surprises. Visiting Devon and its charming towns will leave you with unforgettable experiences and a strong desire to return definitely.


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