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10 ways to attract more customers to your spa

10 ways to attract more customers to your spa

Marketing is critical for bringing clients to your spa and ensuring its success. In this post, we’ll look at 10 spa marketing techniques to help you expand the number of customers and grow your business. These strategies, which range from using social media platforms to deploying sponsored marketing, will help you stay ahead of rivals in the spa field.

Create a strong online presence.

We are in the digital boom era, where every firm must have an online presence. Nobody wants to make calls to inquire about your services. They want to unlock their phone, surf the internet, type their name into search engines, and access your website.  

Promote your business with social media marketing. 

Social media is a fantastic platform for spa promotion. Not only do many people use social media to find spas and salons, but social media posts allow you to connect with customers by displaying what your spa offers. 

You should have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pinterest and Instagram are excellent venues to promote your spa because many potential customers use these sites only for health and beauty recommendations. 

One social media advertising strategy that appears tailor-made for promoting spas is to have a “Selfie Station” in your spa’s waiting room or corridor where clients may take photos of themselves and publish them to their social media accounts. Create a personalised hashtag for guests to use in their tags and give a discount or goods for using it in their social media posts. 

Conduct contests. 

Running competitions and sweepstakes is a great method to increase interest and engagement in your spa. Inspire people to share their experiences or create unique ideas for a chance to win spa services or exclusive packages. Contests generate excitement for your business and attract potential clients who would not have considered visiting your facility.

Publish high-quality content. 

Create useful and entertaining content that will inform and inspire your target audience. Upload articles, blog posts, or pictures about wellness, beauty, and spa-related topics. By portraying yourself as a professional expert, you can attract potential customers looking for useful information and promote your spa as a go-to destination. You can even develop instructional materials such as leaflets, pamphlets, and posters to promote your spa.

Promote testimonials all over websites. 

People feel more at ease visiting areas where others have had a favourable experience. 82% of consumers say they read online reviews for local businesses like yours. Because of this, you must promote your spa’s reviews and testimonials. 

 Also, don’t just post a few guest assessments on your website! People use several ways to learn about local businesses, including: 

Google My Business: This free tool allows you to promote your business via Google Search and Maps. Not only do my clients post reviews, but you can also guide them to your spa by including your address and contact information in your profile. 

Facebook: Facebook shouldn’t only be a part of your social media network, but your customers may also submit ratings about their spa experiences, making it an even more effective marketing tool. 

 So, how can you encourage your guests to write positive reviews? Asking for a review at the end of a spa visit is a sophisticated start. You may also follow up by requesting a review in a thank-you email, as well as using automated appointment reminders for regular clients.

Offer unique services. 

In a world where every product and service is highly competitive, offering a one-of-a-kind product or service might help you stand out. It’s also an effective way to differentiate yourself as a spokesperson or authority figure. 

What differentiates your services or offerings? You can try: 

  • Allow 24-hour bookings using salon management software. 
  • Provide customised skincare sessions. 
  • Share makeup, skincare, and other beauty advice video tutorials. 
  • Adding extras to some services, such as providing a glass of champagne or chocolate covered in strawberries, 
  • Discover and use sustainable goods in your salon or spa.

 Co-marketing with other businesses 

Your salon is a locally owned business. It is not a global brand like Nike or Amazon. Your clients live in the same area as you. They shop at the same grocery stores and attend the same events as you do. 

So why aren’t you seeking suggestions from other neighbouring businesses? Target massage parlours, hotels, and dry spas, which serve clients similar to salons but are not direct competitors, and, as they suggest, return the favour by doing the same thing.

Connect with local influencers. 

Influencer marketing is one of today’s most effective marketing strategies. According to a HubSpot survey, over 50% of millennials rely on recommendations from influential people before purchasing a product. Even celebrities do not come close.  

If you use TikTok or Instagram, chances are you follow local influencers. If not, do so as soon as possible. Choose a few accounts with a large following and send them a message expressing your desire to connect.

Make your website mobile-responsive. 

People enjoy the ease of discovering a spa and reserving an appointment using their smartphones. However, if your spa’s business website does not appear effectively on mobile devices, your coming customers may choose another facility. 

To prevent this, make your website mobile-responsive so visitors can simply access it using their mobile devices. Not only will this enhance your bookings, but it will also improve your website’s search engine ranking. 

Create a loyalty programme. 

Implementing a loyalty programme benefits your regular clients and encourages them to keep picking your facility over the competition. Reward loyal customers with incentives such as bookings, VIP services, or unique bonuses. Building brand loyalty will secure repeat business and positive vocal recommendations.

Strive to give customers an outstanding experience. 

Do you want to earn your clients’ loyalty? Yes, of course. Creating customer-satisfying experiences is one approach to achieving it. Are you curious how?  

Let’s start by booking. This is where wonderful experiences start. Your prospects should be able to hire you at any time, with little confusion. You can speed up the procedure by using salon booking software. Software programs not only make work easier, but they also consider introverts who prefer not to interact with others.


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